To Call Your Representatives in California

Follow this link, and enter your zipcode. That will give you the name and phone number for your state Senator and Assembly

Call the local office for your Senator. Assembly Representatives only have a Sacramento office. Below are some guidelines to help you when you call.

  1. Don’t expect to actually talk to your senator or assembly representative. Ask for the staff person who handles calls from constituents with consumer problems.

  2. Be polite and to the point. Identify yourself as a constituent. (They will ask for your home address.) Don’t talk lawyers or lawsuits. They are not interested in that. Instead, tell them that you support consumer protection in general, and the lemon law in particular.

  3. Tell them about the nature of your problem. If it is a Lemon Law problem, tell them the manufacturer is not honoring the warranty. If a car dealer is cheating you, explain to them what the dealer is doing, and how the dealer is doing it. Give a very brief summary about your individual problem and its impact on your life and your family. Be prepared to emphasize only the worst aspects of your problem. If the staffer wants more info, they can ask.

  4. Ask what the lawmaker can do to help you. Ask them if that senator or assembly member supports consumer protection, the lemon law, etc. Ask whether the lawmaker supports preserving and strengthening consumer protection laws.

  5. Let your attorney and/or Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety (CARS) know what response you get.

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