Are there warranties on used cars?

A warranty is a promise to fix something for a certain period of time. If the used car comes with that promise, the answer is yes.

A used car that is still under the Manufacturer¹s Warranty, or came with a dealer warranty, it may qualify under the Lemon Law. If the car has a warranty, read it and be sure to do just what it requires of you to get repairs. If you are uncertain what the warranty requires, see a lawyer.

The Federal Trade Commission requires the dealer to post a "BUYERS GUIDE" in the window of every used car sold. The Buyers Guide tells you whether the used car has a warranty or not. The dealer may offer a warranty, usually 3 months or 3,000 miles. Bluntly put, these are usually not worth much. Or the car may have the balance of the manufacturers warranty remaining on it. If a dealer is selling a car "as is", that means he doesn't trust it, and neither should you. If you have a problem with it, you should take the vehicle in promptly, either to the dealer, or a dealership which does warranty repairs for that manufacturer.

Additionally, your car may have an Implied Warranty of Merchantability. That means that if the car has a warranty, and unless the car is sold "as is", there is also an implied warranty that goes with it. The length of the Implied Warranty of Merchantability is tied to the length of the underlying warranty. Again, if you have problems, you should take the car in promptly for repair. When you take it in, insist upon getting an Repair Order that states what your complaint was, and the date. When you pick up the car you should receive a Repair Order that tells you what the dealership did to correct your complaint.

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