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I attended the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, graduating from the University of San Diego School of Law. My practice is exclusively in the area of consumer law. I am a founding member of the Southern California Auto Fraud Lawyers Association, a group of trial lawyers specializing in consumer protection cases under the Automobile Sales Finance Act, the Consumer Legal Remedies Act, and the Song Beverly Act. I am  also a member of the National Consumer Law Center, and the National Association of Consumer Attorneys, nationwide organizations representing consumers on important areas of the law that affect us all. Over the years I have been a contributor to NACA publications on consumer law issues, and currently have 10 published opinions from California Courts of Appeal, and from the United States Court of Appeal, Ninth Circuit.

Mr. Lindsey has represented consumers in claims against automobile finance companies, dealers and manufacturers since 1995, and is admitted to the all federal courts in California.

Mr. Lindsey has handled hundreds of vehicle cases, under the Automobile Sales Finance Act, the Song-Beverly Act, and the Consumer Legal Remedies Act.  To date, Mr. Lindsey has 10 published opinions.  

Oregel v. American Isuzu, 90 Cal.App.4th 1094 (2001);
Juarez v. Arcadia Financial, (2007) 152 Cal.App.4th 889;
Paduano v. American Honda Motor, (2009) 169 Cal.App.4th 1453;
Ortega v. Toyota, 572 F.Supp.2d 1218, published on April 9, 2010;
Salenga v. Mitsubishi Credit, (2010) 183 Cal.App.4th 986;
Aho v. AmeriCredit Financial Services, Inc. (2011) 277 F.R.D. 609;
Aguayo v. U.S. Bank (2011) 653 F.3d 912;
Ramirez v. Balboa Thrift and Loan (2013) 215 Cal.App.4th 765;
Aguayo v. U.S. Bank (S.D. Cal., May 4, 2016)184 F.Supp.3d 820;
Goglin v. BMW of North America, LLC (2016) 4 Cal.App.5th 462.


Juarez v. Arcadia Financial, (2007) 152 Cal.App.4th 889, is the seminal case in this area on post repossession notices and deficiency balances.  It established the requirements for the post repossession Notice of Intent to Dispose of Vehicle in California, Civil Code § 2983.2 (a).  It also established that if the Notice fails to comply with the ASFA, the finance company is not entitled to any deficiency following the sale of the vehicle.

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