Odometer Fraud

One of the first cases of odometer fraud in America was tried in 1929. Six years later, another dealer charged with the same offense tried to defend himself on the grounds that it was an industry standard. Sixty years later, it unfortunately still goes on.

Despite much publicity rolled back odometers are as common as ever. Information from the DMV can be very useful in determining if the odometer has been rolled back. Go to the DMV and fill out a Request for Information form. Request certified copies of all documents on record.

Avoid buying cars at auctions or tent sales. Auctions that have been opened to the general public frequently sell cars that the dealers have passed on, i.e., the bottom of the barrel. Cars sold at tent sales often came from those same auctions. Tent sales and other mass promotions of used cars have a high percentage of auction cars. These cars are usually the cars that were left after the dealers and wholesalers have skimmed off the best.

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