What does "as is" mean?

Never buy from a corner used car lot. Simply put, "as is" means you shouldn't buy the car. It means there is no warranty, and if there is no warranty the lemon law does not apply. The real name of the lemon law is the Consumer Warranty Act. As is means the dealer doesn't trust the car, and you shouldn't trust it either.  If you have enough money to buy from a corner car lot, you probably have enough money to qualify to buy a new car.

When you buy "as is" the entire risk is put on you. To disclaim all warranties, the dealer must conspicuously post it in writing on the vehicle. As is does not disclaim fraud, and if the consumer was lied to, mislead, or not told of a material defect, the as is disclaimer does not shield the dealer.

State and Federal law require that every used car offered for sale have a "Buyers Guide" in the window. This guide tells you whether the car comes with a warranty, and what the terms of that warranty are. Typical is 30 days and 1,000 miles, though they vary.

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