Used Car Fraud

Are there warranties on used cars?

A warranty is a promise to fix something for a certain period of time. If the used car comes with that promise, the answer is yes.

Most Common Problems

Easily the most frequent complaint involving used cars is that it was in a wreck and the dealer did not tell the purchaser.

What to do if you have a problem?

Follow this checklist...

How to protect yourself

When buying a used car, ask as many questions as possible.

What does "as is" mean?

Never buy from a corner used car lot. Simply put, "as is" means you shouldn't buy the car. It means there is no warranty, and if there is no warranty the lemon law does not apply. The real name of the lemon law is the Consumer Warranty Act. As is means the dealer doesn't trust the car, and you shouldn't trust it either.  If you have enough money to buy from a corner car lot, you probably have enough money to qualify to buy a new car.

Odometer Fraud

One of the first cases of odometer fraud in America was tried in 1929. Six years later, another dealer charged with the same offense tried to defend himself on the grounds that it was an industry standard. Sixty years later, it unfortunately still goes on.

Undisclosed Lemon Buybacks

Another common practice is the resale of vehicles that were bought back from their original owners under the Lemon Law, and then resold to innocent new purchasers, without proper disclosures.

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