A lot of the people who bought Volkswagen diesels did so for all the right reasons. The cars were pitched as environmentally friendly high mileage vehicles. Volkswagen specifically marketed them as “clean diesel”. The TDI package was sold as providing performance at the same time as the high mileage. The VW webpage for the TDI vehicles even had “clean diesel” in the URL. It stated “VW offers a TDI clean diesel engine to ensure amazing fuel efficiency”, or it did until they took it down.

What Volkswagen didn’t sell was the fact that these came with software that rigged the emissions tests, resulting in up to 40 times the allowable pollutants. The Environmental Protection Agency issued its Notice of Violation for Volkswagen’s diesel software scheme on September 18, 2015. The EPA Notice of Violation can be found at:

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The effected vehicles include;

Affected diesel models include:

Jetta (MY 2009 – 2015)
Jetta Sportwagen (MY 2009-2014)
Beetle (MY 2012 – 2015)
Beetle Convertible (MY 2012-2015)
Audi A3 (MY 2010 – 2015)
Golf (MY 2010 – 2015)
Golf Sportwagen (MY 2015)
Passat (MY 2012-2015)

Unfortunately this sort of deception has become commonplace in the auto industry. Toyota’s unintended acceleration, GM’s ignition switch defects, Hyundai’s defective throttle bodies, etc.


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